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Nantong River Sen electronic technology limited company website has been opened, welcome to visit and learn more about our products! If any suggestions or questions please to telephone: 0513-80313333, 80312222
The company's products with international safety certification, and strictly in accordance with ISO9000 and ISO14000 ( quality and environmental management system implementation of the standard )!
Jiangseng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.is located in a historical and cultural city of Jiangsu province—Rugao. The Hui-style “Shuihui Garden” tops in gardens and can be found nowhere else. As the hometown to “flowers and plants”, the traditional bonsai wins appraise from home and abroad. Moreover, Rugao enjoys being the city of longevity. Nantong Jiangsen Electronics, a dazzling pearl, sparkles on this ancient
and magic land.ur company covers an area of 78 acres with a construction area of 25,000 square kilometers. The first phase investment amounts to 160 million RMB and the registered capital is 60million RMB. .......[详细]
·Vishay 扩充用于功率电子的重载电容器
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